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Hashrate — 72 TH/s
Algorithm — SHA-256
Power — 3450 Tuesday
Dimensions – 331x195x292 mm
Net weight - 12,5 kg
Guarantee - 6 months


When purchasing equipment, 1 year of free service repair

AVALON A1166 PRO – it is a powerful miner, created by Canaan, which offers high performance and efficiency for cryptocurrency mining using the SHA-256 algorithm. This miner is one of the most advanced devices in its class and provides reliable and stable operation.

AVALON A1166 PRO is equipped with specially designed ASIC chips, which provide high hash speed and efficiency when mining cryptocurrency. Using advanced technology and optimized algorithms, the miner is capable of processing huge amounts of data and generating a large number of hashes per second. This increases the chances of successfully mining blocks and receiving rewards.

AVALON A1166 PRO has a high hash rate of up to 72 TH/s on SHA-256 algorithms, making it an ideal choice for miners, seeking to maximize their profitability. High miner performance allows you to process large amounts of data and increases the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining.

The AVALON A1166 PRO miner has a durable and reliable design, which ensures stable operation of the miner for a long time. It is equipped with an efficient cooling system, which prevents overheating and ensures optimal operating temperature of the device. This helps extend the life of the miner and ensure its reliable and safe operation..

AVALON A1166 PRO is controlled and monitored through a convenient user interface. You can easily configure and monitor the work of the miner, control hash rate, power consumption and other parameters. This allows you to optimize the work of the miner and maximize the profitability of cryptocurrency mining.

Generally, AVALON A1166 PRO – this is a powerful and reliable miner, which provides high productivity and efficiency when mining cryptocurrency. It is ideal for experienced miners and large mining farms, who seek to obtain maximum profit from their operations.

The AVALON A1166 PRO miner is equipped with an intelligent energy management system, which allows you to optimize the use of electricity and reduce electricity costs. This is especially important in conditions of high energy costs, related to cryptocurrency mining. High energy efficiency of AVALON A1166 PRO allows you to reduce operating costs and increase the overall profitability of mining.

Optimal performance and reliability of the AVALON A1166 PRO is supported by high quality components and careful engineering. The miner is designed with long service life and stable operation in mind.. Besides, it has overheat protection, short circuit and other unexpected events, which ensures the safety and protection of your investment.

Installation and configuration of AVALON A1166 PRO is also simple and convenient. It offers a wide range of features and settings, which allow you to adapt the miner to your specific requirements. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily monitor and manage your mining, and also receive information about the device status.

Generally, AVALON A1166 PRO – this is a powerful and reliable miner, which provides high performance, energy efficiency and safety in cryptocurrency mining. It is an excellent choice for experienced miners, who seek to maximize the profitability of their operations and use their resources efficiently.



Hashrate: 72 TH/s
Algorithm: SHA-256
Power: 3450 Tuesday
Dimensions: 331x195x292 mm
Net weight: 12,5 kg
Guarantee: 6 months
power unit: included

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