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Ponomarev Artur

We assembled a farm of four such video cards, cooling efficient. Can be placed at home, 8 gigabytes of memory is more than enough.


Karpov Zakhar

professional seller, worked well and accurately. Some of the equipment was placed in the data center.
Highly recommend!


Lebedev Igor

They concluded a contract, posted quickly. Competent guys, the price tag may not be the most democratic, but great for an outlet.. Placement through adapters was not very convenient, but these are trifles.


Evseeva Olga

Excellent graphics card! The seller is attentive and honest, I recommend to all!!! Thanks a lot


Frolov Ilya

I'm new to this tricky business. But I did not notice any prejudice, although the brain I endured them notably)) I had a limited budget, I didn’t want to get into a loan from scratch. Everyone took into account. Thanks to Alexey for a pleasant entry into the industry 🙂


Ilyin Vsevolod

I'm all ok, Satisfied with cooperation. Everyone told, picked up, recommended the optimal set for the budget and provided a ready-made turnkey solution.


Shestakova Asya

MK professionals, price tag is very nice, manager Alexey special thanks, prompted, set everything up.
Thanks a lot, seller recommend


Kharitonova Tatiana

Serious company, smart managers, heartily recommend. Moscow, I think, there is no one better, did everything, as agreed.


Sukhanov Leonty

The company was pleased with the customer focus. While waiting and deciding, the price has risen, but the managers left that, to which we originally agreed. It was very unexpected and pleasant.. While I was on my way, everything is set up and ready, took the finished.


Seleznev Nikolay

I would like to share my shopping experience.: everyone, who is reading this review, I recommend the company "MK" and the manager Ilya. It's not just sellers buy and sell, they are real experts! Picked up, very good advice and help with choosing equipment, reserved. Then I drove almost to them 400 km and was not disappointed. For further development, I will only cooperate with them..


Mironova Alevtina

Great video card for the money.


Belozerov Ilya

The declared functions are performed. Power supply included, plus controller, the wire 220 volt, plumes, case with two fans. Works great, but it makes a lot of noise. Placed in a special soundproof box, became much quieter. The boards did not get hotter, around 65 degrees holds on board, 78-80 on a chip. I am satisfied with the purchase. Thank you!

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