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Leasing for computing

For legal entities
there is an opportunity to reduce the tax base
to 40% from the cost of equipment.

Купить асик, купить майнинг оборудование в Майнинг Кластер

Why is it profitable to lease equipment?

Leasing is a great financial tool
saving on taxes.


VAT refund


Income tax savings


Optimization of maintenance costs

Why is it profitable
take equipment
in lease?

Leasing is an excellent financial tool that allows you to save on taxes.

Leasing payments are treated as expenses and reduce the company's income tax. All VAT paid will also be refunded. 20%.

Purchase equipment on lease from us and place it in our data center at competitive rates.


Term of 12 to 36 months.


to DATA centers


With a guarantee

Leasing for mining equipment in Mining Cluster

We have become the best
operators data center V CIS

The MK company is experts in the field of data centers with 2016 of the year. Our specialization is the production of containers and direct supply of equipment.

We supply equipment from manufacturers with further placement in our DATA centers.

Also, we provide leasing for legal entities, construction of data centers, we produce containers for data centers and much more.

Protection 24/7

DATA centers are located on
territories of sensitive facilities


24/7 specialists


Our staff will always help and
will advise


All equipment is serviced
according to all regulations

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MK is a reliable supplier of computing equipment with the best DATA centers in the Russian Federation. We provide leasing for legal entities. individuals and individual entrepreneurs for a period of 12 months. We have our own service centers and monitoring service.

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When discussing the purchase of equipment, it is important to carefully calculate the budget, equipment maintenance costs and potential payback.

Selecting and calculating the payback of computing equipment is only the first step. Second, not less important, - selection of acquisition method:

- Full prepayment, that is, a one-time payment of the entire amount of the cost of the equipment.
- Various payment options: installment plan, leasing, lending.

Leasing provides business owners with the opportunity to obtain the necessary equipment from a leasing company for a certain period of time or forever, at the same time on more favorable terms. The choice between different types of leasing depends on the specifics of the purchased product.

We have already calculated the financial benefits of leasing when purchasing computing equipment, Now let's look at other advantages:

1. In some cases, purchasing property on lease can provide tax advantages for legal entities. There is no tax on equipment in Russia, however, leasing transactions can reduce the tax base for a business by 20% VAT and 20% income tax on all leasing payments.
2. Extended term of split payments. Installment is the shortest option (usually up to 3 months), and the duration of the loan depends on the amount. Besides, not all banks are ready to provide favorable loans for computing equipment, especially for large amounts. In the case of leasing, the contract term can be up to 36 months, depending on agreements between the parties.
3. At the end of the leasing agreement, the equipment becomes the property of the client. Actually, the last payment is a purchase.
4. No large down payment required.
5. Individuals can also take advantage of financial leasing to defer payments.

The process of obtaining leasing for computer equipment from MK begins with contacting the company’s sales department.
The manager will conduct a detailed consultation, to determine customer requirements and offer the most suitable
equipment and leasing conditions. After agreeing on the terms, the leasing agreement is signed.

Leasing terms for computing equipment may vary depending on the specific agreement.
Leasing prices take into account the cost of equipment, leasing term, as well as other factors. MK company
may also offer the opportunity to purchase equipment before the lease expires.

Clients, those who have chosen leasing for computing equipment, Full technical support provided
and service. MK company installs and configures equipment, and also provides consultations
on its operation. If necessary, a team of specialists will be ready to solve any technical problems and provide
continuous work.

To submit an application for leasing equipment from MK, we recommend contacting
using any convenient contact information on our website.

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