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Контейнеры собственного
производства для майнинга

Mining hotel without hidden fees,
paying only for electricity

Mining cluster - specialists
in the field of mining 2016 of the year

Leasing available

from 6 to 36 months


in stock on order


in view of VAT


on nuclear power plant

Виды контейнеров


Own production 20 and 40 ft containers for cryptocurrency mining.

Delivery within the Russian Federation. Leasing from 6 months

107 MW


7 years

On the market

24 / 7 / 365

prof. support

40 ft containers
for industrial

Our mining rigs are located in 40 foot containers, produced in our own factory. The operating temperature range of these containers is from -40 to +35 °C.

Mining containers, buy 20 футовый контейнер для майнинга

20 ft containers
for private mining

Our mining rigs are located in 20 foot containers, produced in our own factory. The operating temperature range of these containers is from -40 to +35 °C.

Mining containers, buy 40 футовый контейнер для майнинга

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Our managers will help you choose the perfect container for you

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We can supply a container from stock or make a new one.

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We will deliver the container at a convenient time for you..

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mining container

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Consultation and diagnostics – for free

Ремонт асик майнеров и видеокарт

Full list

Our services

Equipment supplies

We will supply equipment for mining directly from manufacturers with the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation.


Leasing for containers and mining equipment from 6 to 36 months.


Mining centers "under lock and key"

in the data center

We will place your
оборудование в наших высокотехнологичных дата-центрах

Mining containers, купить контейнер для майнинга

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Mining cluster is a reliable supplier of mining equipment with the best DATA centers in the Russian Federation. We provide leasing for legal entities from 6 months. We have our own service centers and monitoring service.

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8 800 300 37 98

Mining containers - these are special container solutions, which are designed to accommodate and operate mining equipment. They provide a convenient and efficient infrastructure for miners, allowing you to place and connect mining equipment in optimal conditions. Mining containers usually have special cooling systems, ventilation and power supply, ensuring optimal operating conditions for mining equipment. They can be mobile, which allows you to move and place them in different places depending on needs and conditions. The benefits of using mining containers include protecting your equipment from external conditions (For example, dust, moisture), convenience and flexibility in installation and scaling, as well as the possibility of centralized control of the mining park.
Mining Cluster offers 20 ft и 40 ft container for mining, specially designed for placement and operation of mining equipment.
Mining containers from Mining Cluster provide a flexible and mobile solution for hosting mining equipment. They provide protection from external conditions, optimal operating conditions for equipment, fast installation and scalability.
Specifications of mining containers may vary depending on the requirements and needs of the client. 1. Dimensions: Our mining containers have standard sizes, such as 20 feet (6 meters) and 40 feet (12 meters). This makes them easy to transport and place. 2. Cooling and ventilation: Our mining containers are equipped with efficient cooling systems, ventilation and supply and exhaust ventilation, to maintain a comfortable temperature and optimal operating conditions for mining equipment. 3. Power supply: Our mining containers are provided with a power supply system, which includes generators, panel devices, voltage stabilizers and other elements, guaranteeing constant and reliable power for operating equipment. 4. Monitoring and Control: Our mining containers are equipped with monitoring and control systems, which allow miners to monitor the operation of equipment and obtain information about its condition and performance.
The process of installing and configuring containers for mining from the Mining Cluster company includes several stages. First, the container is delivered and installed at the required site. Then there is a connection to power supply networks and the Internet. After this, the software is configured, including mining programs and necessary parameters. A team of Mining Cluster specialists will provide support and assistance at every stage of the process.
Mining containers from Mining Cluster allow you to place various types of mining equipment, including ASIC miners and GPU miners.
Mining containers from Mining Cluster provide flexible scaling for placement of mining equipment. This can be achieved by adding new containers or increasing the capacity of existing ones. Thus, clients will be able to adapt their mining to changing market conditions and their needs.
Clients, using containers for mining from Mining Cluster, Full support and service provided. Mining Cluster company will provide technical support for setting up and monitoring containers, updates required software, as well as advice on the effective use of mining equipment.
To apply for a mining container from Mining Cluster, we recommend contacting using any convenient contact information on our website.

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