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Mr. Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, d. 10, p. 2 room no 181

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Computing location
equipment in the data center

Data center without hidden fees,
with payment only for service

Купить асик, купить майнинг оборудование в Майнинг Кластер

Leasing available

from 12 to 36 months


in stock and on order


in view of VAT

Our strengths


Own DATA centers.
Own production of mobile containers.
Direct supplies of equipment
from manufacturing plants.

7 years

On the market


prof. support

Low cost of maintenance

Profitable terms

Placement monitoring

You can track your equipment online from anywhere in the world

All equipment is protected

So your funds are always safe


The entire facility is guarded around the clock.. The equipment is well protected.

Work process

How it all works?


Full package of documents. Guarantee 1 year.

Accommodation in the data center

We became the best data center operators in Russia


Diagnostics and repair with a guarantee.

Monitoring 24/7

24/7 customer support.

Full list

Our services


Availability and on order.
Full package of documents.

Leasing for
Jur. persons

Valid from 12 to 36 months.
down payment from 30% to 50% .

to data centers

The best data centers to choose from
Russia and CIS


Own production
20 and 40 ft mobile containers

Diagnostics and

Service centers
in every data center

data centers

Let's build "data center" any complexity
"under lock and key"


Control and
customer support 24/7

"under lock and key"

The setting, accommodation, launch,
monitoring, service, repair.

Turnkey business

We supply high-tech computing equipment with subsequent placement in the DATA center.

Own production of mobile containers 20 and 40 ft

Consultation and diagnostics
- for free

Sale and placement of mining equipment

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MK is a reliable supplier of high-tech computing equipment with the best DATA centers in the Russian Federation. We provide leasing for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from 12 months. We have our own service centers and monitoring service.

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Contact details

8 800 300 37 98

Placing high-tech equipment in the data center of the MK company has a number of advantages.
Firstly, The data center provides stable power supply and cooling, which allows you to increase efficiency
equipment operation and reduce the risk of overheating. Secondly, the presence of a high-speed Internet connection guarantees
continuous communication and fast data transfer. Besides, security measures are being installed in the data center,
including access control and video surveillance, which protects the equipment from unauthorized access.

Cost of placing equipment in a data center, depends on several factors,
such as the amount of equipment, required power, duration of accommodation and other additional services.
To obtain an exact cost, it is recommended to contact the MK sales department.

Placing equipment in a data center ensures a high level of security.
MK company data centers are protected by physical and digital security measures,
including security and a sophisticated access control and equipment monitoring system. This allows
prevent unauthorized access to equipment and maintain data confidentiality.

The data center of the MK company provides clients with the necessary infrastructure for work
with computing equipment. It includes equipment racks, power systems to provide power,
cooling systems, high speed internet connection, as well as monitoring systems.

Clients, placing equipment in the data center of the MK company, various
services and support. This includes technical support and advice., regular maintenance and technical updates
equipment, equipment monitoring, as well as the ability to expand and scale
equipment if necessary.

Placing equipment in the MK company data center provides stable power supply,
optimal conditions for equipment operation, protection against external threats and professional technical support.

MK provides regular equipment maintenance,
health and performance monitoring, as well as prompt troubleshooting.

To submit an application for placement of equipment in the MK data center, we recommend contacting
using any convenient contact information on our website.

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