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Sale and placement
mining equipment

Direct supply of mining equipment
from manufacturing plants with placement
in the best data centers of the Russian Federation

Mining cluster - specialists
in the field of mining 2016 of the year

Leasing available

from 12 to 36 months


in stock on order


V data center

Our services


We supply equipment for cryptocurrency mining with further placement in the best DATA centers in Russia.

We work with all cities of the Russian Federation.

30 000 +

ASIC miners sold

107 MW


7 years

On the market


prof. support

Sale mining equipment

Wholesale and retail
Full package of documents
Guarantee 1 year
Availability and pre-order
Best prices On the market

Sale of mining equipment

in the data center

Modern security systems
protected area 24/7
Those. service 24/7

Поставляем оборудование для майнинга криптовалют с дальнейшим размещением


from 6 to 36 months

Production 20 and 40 ft containers

Production time from 7 days

Mining "Turnkey"

We supply, place, we serve, we repair


Any kind of equipment


Data center of any complexity "under lock and key"

Delivery to all cities of the Russian Federation

Popular goods


Power: 3500W
Mined currency: BTC

Power: 3260W
Mined currency: LTC, DOGE

Power: 2760W
Mined currency: BTC

Power: 3240W
Mined currency: BTC

Accommodation in

Data center

  • We place mining equipment in the best data centers of the Russian Federation.
  • We guarantee security and individual approach to each client
  • Became one of the best data center operators in the CIS
Купить асик, купить майнинг оборудование в Майнинг Кластер

Production and direct deliveries. We create complex solutions to make mining simple.

Security 24 / 7

The data center is under the protection of special services

UP-TIME - 99.8%

Equipment uptime (those. no more work 24 hours/year)

24 / 7 / 365

Monitoring attendants and on-site attendants monitor the equipment


Speed ​​of response to a turned off device to save up-time 99.8%

Direct supply of mining equipment

30 000 +

ASIC miners sold

107 MW


7 years

On the market

24 / 7 / 365

prof. support

Locations available
to host mining

We accept equipment from all cities of the Russian Federation
for placement in our data centers. We work strictly according to

Yield Calculator

on favorable terms

The calculator calculates the profitability and payback of equipment at the current USDT exchange rate in rubles




from 13 to 36 months


to DATA centers


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Mining cluster – is a reliable supplier of mining equipment with the best DATA centers in the Russian Federation. We provide leasing for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from 12 months. We have our own service centers and monitoring service.

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8 800 300 37 98

  • Our company supplies equipment directly from manufacturers at the most attractive prices on the market..
  • All equipment with a full package of documents and a guarantee 1 year.
  • We provide our clients with the choice to place their mining equipment in the best data centers in the country.
  • Our experts advise all clients 24/7 for all possible questions.
  • We have all types of payment convenient for you..
  • Possibility to purchase mining equipment as retail, and wholesale.
  • We have our own service centers and give a guarantee for all repairs performed..
  • All interactions are made under the contract!

Our task is to make mining convenient and safe for you., and most importantly HIGHLY PROFITABLE!

For your convenience, we are ready to do everything "under lock and key" - buy, place, serve and advise on an ongoing basis. Most of our clients have long switched to this form of work..

Contact us by phone or leave a request. We will advise you and select the best solution exactly for the budget with which you are ready to start..

Our data centers / mining hotels / hostings have uptime 99%+! We are interested, so that you are satisfied and recommend us to your friends and partners. reputation for us - All!

At your discretion, we are ready to cooperate in any format. Definitely would like to meet, discuss, sign all the necessary papers and start productive cooperation!

In the current market situation, when the stock market falls, property is on hold, the automotive market is going crazy...only cryptocurrency mining will give you income from the first day of launching the equipment, while it is considered "passive" income, because we take care of all the operational activities. High liquidity will allow within 7 to 25 months to fully recoup their investments, no other legal way is able to provide such liquidity and payback.

ASIC is a specially designed computer technology for mining digital assets, which has significant advantages over an ordinary computer or video card. ASIC miners - installations for solving a single task: calculation of new blocks in the blockchain for a reward in the form of one or another cryptocurrency.

Human participation in the mining process with the help of mining equipment is minimized. In fact, you only need:

  • buy or rent an ASIC of suitable performance;
  • connect it to the power supply and the Internet;
  • customize software.

Further, it remains only to follow, so that nothing interferes with the operation of the unit. For this simplicity, ASICs are highly appreciated by crypto industry enthusiasts all over the world.. After all, to start mining on a processor or video card, you will need to additionally purchase a lot of auxiliary devices and constantly monitor the operation of the system..

Among the whole variety of tools for mining digital assets, miners invariably remain in first place in terms of popularity.. No other technical solution brings such tangible profits in the shortest possible time., how to mine on asics. However, there is a huge variety of devices with different technical characteristics on the market.. At the same time, the price and novelty of the model do not always indicate the most profitable solution in terms of the rate of self-sufficiency..

To make a truly profitable investment, When comparing several well-known brand ASICs, attention should be paid to:

  • hashrate - ASIC computing power for processing transactions on the Proof-of-Work blockchain (Bitcoin), measured in hashes per second (h/s);
  • the ratio of mining speed to the amount of electricity consumed - the less kilowatts mining equipment spends on each bitcoin, the more profitable this installation.

Until now, crypto enthusiasts use farms from video cards solely because, that they can be configured at any time to extract the digital coin you need at the moment. Whereas any miner model is "sharpened" exclusively for a single protocol.

In fact, we are talking about the main characteristic of mining equipment, determining its cost and profitability. The higher the speed or hashrate, the more coins the ASIC will produce per unit of time. Hence, more profitable to buy ASIC with high speed. However, in practice, the selection process is more complicated., because it usually turns out: in the store catalog there are dozens of devices with approximately equal performance.

In this case, the energy consumption of each unit is taken into account - a constant value, specified by the manufacturer in the description. Often, for lines of equipment of a similar price category, it may differ insignificantly. For example, on 0,2-0,4 kWh. However, a slight difference in the share of kilowatt-hours per year of operation of mining equipment eventually turns into huge savings..

Calculation example:

  • At peak time 100 % annual electricity costs for each 0,1 kWh will be - 24 o'clock * 365 days * 0,1 kW*h = 876 kWh.
  • With electricity tariff 2,5 rub./kWh savings on each 0,1 kWh per year will be - 2190 rub.
  • Accordingly, if there is a difference in power consumption between two devices in 1 kWh savings will reach — 21 900 rub. in year.
  • If there are several devices in operation, then this calculated result must be multiplied by the number of ASICs.

The resulting numbers show, why it is so important to carefully evaluate ASIC specifications.

The online store "Mining Cluster" presents well-proven equipment for mining of well-known world brands, delivered to Russia directly from China. You can buy a suitable model with home delivery from us, or use the ASIC placement service in our data center in Moscow.

telephone consultants, in the chat on the website or through the telegram bot will help:

  • choose the best model of equipment for mining, meeting a specific request for price or performance;
  • define, how much does delivery in Russia cost by the preferred transport company with insurance, and how quickly it will be done;
  • pick up a container for the farm and other accessories;
  • draw up an agreement for the placement of equipment for mining and maintenance in our data center, as well as leasing;
  • apply for a service repair.

If you want to place an order for a wholesale batch, it is also enough to send an application indicating the required models and their quantity. A commercial offer with conditions and an estimate will be submitted as soon as possible by e-mail. At the same time, each client is provided with a year of free service repair and a manufacturer's warranty for the same period..

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