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Mr. Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, d. 10, p. 2 room no 181

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Mining hotel in Moscow and Moscow region

Mining hotel is a special room, in which mining devices are installed, and designed to organize professional cryptocurrency mining.

Several mining hotels operate in Moscow and the Moscow region, that provide services for the placement and maintenance of mining equipment. Some of them offer rental of mining devices, while others provide maintenance services for customers' own devices.

Before choosing a mining hotel, you should evaluate its services and reputation, as well as pay attention to the terms of rent or placement of mining equipment, including cost, safety, power quality and other factors, affecting the profitability of mining.

Prices for hotel mining services

Prices for mining hotel services can vary significantly depending on various factors., such as location, services, electricity availability, room size and other conditions.

For example, in our hotel the cost 3 ruble for 1 kW per hour.

We provide secure hosting with dedicated storage. Our hosting center is equipped with a high-performance ventilation system, appropriate power supply and high-speed Internet connection, we guarantee the best quality and cost-effectiveness of services for all our customers.

Our specialists are working 24/7 without days off and holidays, to ensure equipment efficiency, reduce downtime risks and maximize your income.

We maintain your equipment with efficient dust extraction systems and control the temperature and humidity of the air, to ensure a long service life for the miners of all our customers.

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Our mining hotel includes the following benefits:

Full customization

We will set up and connect your miner on our dedicated hosting

Remote monitoring
Monitor the status of your equipment from anywhere at any time

Support 24/7
We are always in touch, we are ready to answer all your questions and ensure the constant operation of your mining equipment.

Temperature controlled, dust and humidity.
Our dedicated room is optimized to provide a stable operating temperature for mining.

We guarantee safety and individual approach to each of our clients..

  • Contract and act of acceptance of equipment by serial numbers
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Exclusion of equipment overheating
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Support 24/7
  • Security 24/7

What is the difference between a mining hotel and its own mining farm?

Mining hotel and mining farm – these are two different approaches to organizing cryptocurrency mining.

Mining hotel – this is usually a large complex with many miners, which is rented or sold to miners. Miners install their miners in a mining hotel and pay to use the infrastructure, including electricity, cooling and internet access. The mining hotel can provide maintenance and repair services for miners.

Mining farm, on the other side, – it's own complex, which the owner builds and manages independently. It usually includes a large number of miners, servers and other devices, required for cryptocurrency mining. The owner of the mining farm is responsible for the purchase of equipment, installation, maintenance and repair.

The main difference between a mining hotel and a mining farm is that, that the mining hotel provides tenants with ready-made infrastructure, while a mining farm requires significant construction and maintenance costs. In the same time, mining farm can be more flexible and controllable in terms of managing miners and electricity costs, which can lead to more profit.

Which approach to choose depends on your needs and capabilities., as well as factors, such as the cost of electricity and the availability of infrastructure.

How a mining hotel will help you earn

Our mining hotel can help miner owners earn more money, providing them with conditions, necessary for efficient operation.

Here are some ways, with which our hotel can help earn:

  1. Improved power consumption: a mining hotel can be purpose-built and equipped for high energy efficiency. It means, that miners will use less power and produce more hashes per second, which can ultimately lead to more profit.
  2. Better Cooling: miners generate a lot of heat and can overheat, which can lead to a decrease in their performance. Mining hotel can provide efficient cooling of miners, which allows them to work at maximum performance and increases their life cycle.
  3. Reduced maintenance costs: mining hotel can provide professional service and technical support for miners, which reduces the cost of their maintenance and increases the time of the miners.
  4. Reduced energy costs: mining hotel can have its own energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, which reduces energy costs and increases profits.
  5. Convenience and safety: a mining hotel can provide comfortable conditions for the accommodation and work of miners, as well as protection against theft and burglary, which can reduce risks and increase profits.

Generally, we help miner owners increase their profits and reduce maintenance costs, what could be a profitable solution for miners, especially for those, who do not have the opportunity to provide the necessary conditions for the work of miners at home.

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