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Review on ASIC Antminer L7

Bitmain recently introduced a new generation ASIC miner to the digital currency market., powered by Script algorithm. It's about a powerful asic l7 Bitmain Antminer, which is designed to receive several types of currencies - we are talking about LTC (litecoin), as well as Dogecoin, or DOGE and other cryptocurrencies. This miner successfully replaced its predecessor from the same L3 series plus, whose popularity peaked at 2017-2018 of the year. But speaking of power, that Asic l7, buy which now will not be difficult, the most interesting and amazing, that its power in its parameters will compete 19 like asics, like L3+.

Bitmain conceived the presentation of their offspring in the middle 2021 of the year, however it happened, What Asic l7 buy became possible only at the start 2022 of the year. And this automatically created a situation, When price Bitmain Antminer l7 at the time of its presentation, it already began to fall due to the natural depreciation of BTC, and other currencies.

Miner Bitmain Antminer l7 (and buy in Moscow this device will not be difficult now) represents the basic model for mining digital currency, which is assembled on only 7NM chips.

Other specifications of this ASIC include:

  • hash rate 9160 MHzs,
  • Power consumption 3425 Tuesday,
  • energy efficiency 0.36 JMh.

Buying ASIC L7 should be understood, that this model is quite weighty, and together with the box, its weight will be approximately 18 kg, but don't worry: its power consumption is quite comparable with the consumption indicators of other similar devices 19 series from the same manufacturer.

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Focusing on this ASIC, take into account, that the operation of any device of this type, aimed at mining altcoins, refers to a rather risky experiment compared to similar miners, bitcoin mining. First of all, this is due to, that altcoins in the event of a fall lose their value at a much higher rate, which automatically means, that the profitability of ASIC can greatly and sharply drop at any moment.

And all the above points, as well as other performance nuances inherent in the basic settings of such miners. Moreover, the manufacturer of this model is known for its reliable and high-quality equipment., but some of its shortcomings include insufficient attention to the software product.

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